Toshikan (House of Indomitable Spirit)

The Home of Traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate and Kobudō in the Comox Valley for Ages 7 and up

Sensei Mac fosters a unique culture in his dojo that I describe as open, inclusive, respectful, disciplined and safety-consciousThrough his knowledge and guidance of Goju Ryu, the practice of karate has been a life-changing experience for me. – Robert Thompson, Adult karate student

Over the past few years I have watched my son’s eagerness and enthusiasm to attend Toshikan Karate grow and mature.  Sensei Mac’s ability to  focus on the individual needs and growth of his students while nurturing a passion for karate have helped evolve karate  from a fun way for my son to get some exercise into a life learning experience where he has developed positive friendships, gained confidence and is continually learning about respect, perseverance and dedication. – Judith, parent of karate student

Our son has been under the excellent guidance and instruction of Sensei Mac at Toshikan Dojo for 3 years now and has gained confidence, a positive attitude, and respect, not to mention a tremendous knowledge of martial arts skills and safety awareness and self-defence skills! The karate training is fantastic exercise through which our son has gained a greater understanding and respect for his body’s abilities and limitations. The dojo is a welcoming place where the students learn while having fun which is due to the hard work and dedication of its owner and teacher, Sensei Mac. – Amelia & Mike, parents of karate student

The Toshikan Dojo is a wonderful place. Sensei Mac Newton and his assistant instructors have made such a positive influence on my daughter’s life. She used to struggle with self esteem issues and self confidence. The instructors are such kindhearted people and really do care about the kids. They are always willing to help each student to fully understand each move. – Dana, parent of karate student